It’s no secret that the world is shifting into a digital era, and social media is quickly becoming more and more of a necessity when it comes to successfully branding a company’s image online.

Information can be accessed online and younger generations are growing up with this idea in mind. In order to ensure success in social media for customer service, there are crucial concepts that need to be implemented.

Here are 6 key elements of using social media for customer service

1. Providing a Sense of Trust

People are likely to invest their time and energy into something that they feel will ultimately benefit them. In order to make sure your target customer understands that your goal is to provide them with everything they want or need, all while keeping their best interest at heart then the B2C relationship will have a greater chance at not only earning a new customer, but gaining a long term and loyal customer which can be extremely valuable.

2. Being Timely

When interacting with people on social media, it helps to respond to their questions and concerns in a timely manner because it proves that you are eager to help them. People respond well to individuals who show a genuine interest in them and show that their intentions are exactly what they seem. When it comes to helping someone in need of a product or service, allowing a quick and easy communication channel with potential customers who are willing and able to purchase there is a greater chance of making a sale and also creating a relationship with the customer.

3. Marketing the Product/Service’s Benefits Ethically

There is no doubt that people don’t enjoy being lied to. The same idea applies when it comes to making an important purchase decision. Customers base their choices off of many different factors, many of which can be implemented into a company’s branding strategy. When putting together your posts on social media, no matter what platform it may be, you must be honest and truthful with the campaign. Someone is going out of their way to spend their money on something you are offering because they believe in your product. Don’t sell a perfume and tell the world that it smells like daisies on social media when it really smells like rotten eggs. You’ll have an unhappy customer, form a negative perception of your brand in that person’s mind, and lose any chance of them recommending your products to their friends.

Social Media is a great way for people to escape reality and open up a whole world of limitless information in the comfort of their own home. If a social media profile can provide someone with information that they otherwise wouldn’t have found on their own, then something can be said for the value that the social media profile provided to them. Something as simple as a ticket provider company advertising the price of a ticket to a specific game that they offer can be seen as valuable to someone who may be looking for something like that. Value can be found in anything, you just have to know where to find it.

5. Focus on Individuals

People want to be heard, and taking the time to interact with individuals on a personal level can be very special. If someone takes the time out of their day to comment something on one of your posts, or ask a question it is a good idea to respond and encourage a more personal conversation possibly through direct message or with someone else in the company. This can answer questions they have, and put a friendly voice to the idea behind the brand. There is also the option of directing someone to your company’s website, or any other social media platform where they can find any additional information.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s important to focus on the creative aspects of branding a small business or company because that is what the world will see, and will ultimately act as the criteria for someone who will form an opinion of your brand. However, it’s no secret that there are things you can do to push your brand or business name higher up on someone’s social media feed especially using Social Media for Customer Service. There are keywords that may be “trending” or popular during a certain time period that you can implement into your posts and allow those posts to get in front of someone who may resonate with your brand and result in a sale and generate leads.

Published On: December 24th, 2020 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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