In a world where consumers are finding you exclusively online, how can social work for you?

The impact of COVID-19 has rocked the digital economy. If there were any doubts as to how necessary digital and social mediums are for businesses and their longevity, look not further than this: in a contactless world, consumers and businesses are engaging and interacting virtually, through digital platforms. It is the only way for businesses to remain relevant and build a foundation for growth in 2021. This digital mandate means that having a social media strategy that works for your business is essential.

Previously physical or in-person primary industries are shifting toward digital and e-commerce.

Consider this. Throughout COVID-19, there has been a significant shift of acceleration into digital businesses. Grocery stores, food delivery, meal kits and alcohol/beverage have led the way of consumer spending.

social media strategy

Source: The New York Times 

The pandemic has been a reality check for businesses who have not embraced digital or social transformation. Unfortunately, they found themselves very unprepared for the transition.

With the shift in consumer spending and the continued move toward digital-first engagement, here are 6 reasons why you need a strong social media strategy in 2021.

1. To win business, you must be top of mind for your consumers

Building a strong and engaging online presence will help your brand stand above your competition. Defining your target audience, creating content for your prospective consumers and engaging with new followers will position your brand as one that cares about your customers.

Plan out your social media calendar in advance, and get your posts scheduled at the beginning of every week. This way, you can focus on engagement in real-time.

2. A strong social strategy will compliment your offline or digital customer experience

Here at Funnel Focus, we are committed to delivering the best client experience you’ve ever had – hands down.

If you have a highly engaged audience in-store or at your brick and mortar location, but you’re ignoring customers online, your online versus offline experience is leaving much to be desired.

A strong social media strategy will not only compliment your customer experience, it will ensure continuity across channels.

3. Gather research to compliment your business strategy

As a small business, you are constantly testing new products or services, or pivoting what you have in-market. For example, we work with a Canada-wide family dining restaurant who is in the process of “renovating” their take-out menu. Using Instagram, we have polled their audience to gather answers to questions such as – chicken wings vs. chicken tenders? Caprese salad vs. caesar salad? Garlic bread vs. pita crisps?

While this exercise has been great for social engagement, it has also delivered audience insight into what their target customer is looking for – and what they should avoid.

4. Social media for SEO

While focusing on your website is important for SEO, so is optimizing your social media profiles. Integrating keywords that you want to be found for (“Vancouver Italian Restaurant” or “Los Angeles Flower Shop”) helps people find you an provides you with information on what your customer is searching for.

5. Lack of strategy means your competitors are leaping ahead of you

A Founder or CEO with a clear strategy means planning, prioritizing and executing across all digital channels. Investing in social without a clear strategy means your competitors are potentially swooping in when you least expect it.

Ensuring you have a plan and guidelines in place allows your team to know when to post, engage and pivot content. Without a structured approach, savvy competitors will engage your customers instead.

6. Know what your customers are saying about you before it impacts your reputation

Using social media listening, we can understand what your customers are saying about your brand – even when they aren’t speaking to your brand.

Your reputation matters, and being aware of potential positive or negative comments before they become a crisis is important to your online reviews. Having a strategy in place, be it a crisis strategy or a proactive engagement strategy, will protect the reputation of your business.

What We Learned

  • A robust social media strategy will attract your target audience and foster growth

  • It is essential to be as engaging on social as you are in-person or in your physical location

  • Social listening is an important piece of a social media strategy and will help to enhance or protect your reputation

To learn more about how to develop a social media strategy for your business, connect with us here.

Published On: January 23rd, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing /

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