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We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Empowerment.

Companies with a clear and rigorous sales process generate more revenue.

We work with your team to create or optimize your sales process with a focus on creating clear expectations and targets from the time a lead is generated through every stage of the sales and renewal process. This documented sales process will then be applied and stored for continued use and optimization.

Did you know that 40% of a sales reps time is spent creating content?

Siloed content creation is also likely leading to brand and messaging inconsistency. We will work with you to identify content gaps, make recommendations on what to create, and then get to work in building what your team needs.

Types of sales content could include case studies, sales emails, presentation decks, proposals, playbooks, videos, and phone scripts.

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Does your sales team need support in development process and preparing for growth?

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Sales = Growth. Let’s get there together.

At Funnel Focus, we take the predictable revenue approach to everything we do. Here’s how we will help you get there.

1. Assess your current processes

Process is essential to sales growth and pipeline velocity. We will take time to assess your current process. This will include listening in on your current sales calls, to interviewing your team.

2. Develop a 6-12 month action plan

Great change doesn’t happen overnight. Our predictable revenue process takes 6-12 months to build. From developing and launching your optimized process to delivering sales enablement materials, prepare for a partnership that will transform your sales team.

3. Optimization and Continued Training

Changing behavior is a journey.  To create the highest likelihood of your new processes, content, and technology for high growth, setting up a training program will be critical. We will develop a customized training schedule and lead on-going training and coaching sessions.